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Hi, i'm Ehsan!

Developer ( Currently focused on react and react-native )
Based in Berlin


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Ehsan Ahmadizadeh





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Master's Degree

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) - Graduation September 2013

Master's Degree of Computer Science (specialism in Information Security)
GPA: 3.7/4

Bachelor's Degree

Staffordshire University - Graduation March 2011

Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science (specialism in Computer Security)
GPA: 3.2/4


Amir Kabir High School - Graduation June 2007

Diploma in Mathematics and Physics
GPA: 94.3/100


Roshd High School - Graduation September 2007

Diploma in Computer Programming
GPA: 76.6/100

Work Experience

MenschDanke GmbH

PHP/React Developer - July 2015 - Current

Developing various web and mobile applications using react and react-native.

Developing of highly scalable web-application using CakePHP. Implementing and developing cross-platform API’s.

Asia Wizard Business Centre Sdn Bhd

Senior Developer - June 2014 - May 2015

Developing, implementing, and maintaining various website and web application. Leading small team of developers. PHP, JavaScript, HTML 5 responsive web designs (Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation) supporting cross-browser and standards compliant.

Willowglen MSC Berhad

Software Engineer - May 2011 - June 2014

Planning, research and development, coding, testing and deployment of software projects with minimal supervision. Maintain and improve current customized SCADA softwares for various projects. Java/C/C++ in both Unix and Windows environment. Familiar with Qt or other multi-platform GUI framework. Documentations at various stage of SDLC.



Project Description : InterLink is Willowglen‘s web-based system for end users to view SCADA information and control floor data in real time via Internet. InterLink is divided into Client and Server portion. Client is used by end user to monitor and control SCADA floor data. Server is responsible for controlling Client login session, communicating with client to perform actual data manipulation of SCADA control actions

Position : Software Developer

Technology/languages I used : Java. Java3D, C, C++, QT, SQL, ORACLE, SYBASE

Duties : Developing and maintaining the client part using Java and Java3D and the server side based on C++, QT and socket programming. Enabling Interlink to connect to various database technologies such as Sybase, Oracle and SQL. Integration and factory acceptance testing the developed system. These are the main features which are developed by me:
  • Multi-level access control
  • Drawing 3D objects in schematic page
  • Display of real time alarms
  • Display configured schematic pages with real time data update
  • User can view floor data and send control via various popups
  • Real time trend which supports up to 16 pens
  • Authorized users can acknowledge the alarms
  • Authorized users can send control functions of the I/O points

Syslink Webreport

Project Description : Web Report is a web base application to provide user to view/generate and download various types of report. These reports show the summary of configured I/O points in SCADA system. There are 6 types of reports including digital daily, digital monthly, analog daily, analog monthly, event summary and alarm summary.

Position : Web Developer

Technology/languages I used : PHP, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, XML, jQuery

Duties : Designing, implementing and testing a web base system to auto-generate various types of report from configured XML files and storing the generated report into different formats such as HTML,PDF and CSV which support up to 4 million rows in a single report.

Employee Management (Using Finger Print Technology)

Position : Software Developer

Technology/languages I used : C#, MSSQL

Duties : Design and Development of windows-based, Employee Time Management and Payroll System, associated with secure and advance Fingerprint Detection technology and devices.

EPeyman Sales Management System (Using RFID Technology)

Project Description : EPeyman is a windows base application to automate the selling process of tickets by using RFID cards. Each user receives a RFID card after registration and based on their membership type, they can enjoy different privileges and discounts. This system is also able to generate various type of report for management optimization and other purposes.

Position : Designer and Developer

Technology/languages I used : C#, MSSQL, RFID Technology

Duties : Design and development of a selling system using RFID technology and provide various type of reports.

Secured EMR System (Using Biometrics)

Position : Software Developer

Technology/languages I used : C#, MSSQL

Duties : Design and Development of a secured Electronic Medical Record System using multi-level access and multi-factor authentication, associated with Fingerprint Detection technology and devices.


Professional Skills

  • 90% Complete
    Communication 9/10
  • 90% Complete
    Leadership 9/10
  • 80% Complete
    Confidence 8/10

Programming Languages

  • 90% Complete
    Web Development (PHP,HTML5) 9/10
  • 80% Complete
    Java 8/10
  • 70% Complete
    ASP.NET | C# 7/10

Other Skills

  • 100% Complete
    Hardware And Software Troubleshooting 10/10
  • 80% Complete
    SQL | ORACLE | SYBASE 8/10
  • 60% Complete
    Forensic Tools 6/10



I'm a music lover and spend most of my free time to find new bands and music. You can find much more about my taste via my profile.


Following and reading about the latest technology to keep myself updated is one of my daily routine activities.

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